our Suppliers

Our relationship spans many years and projects, Rappell are proud to be a key supplier to Pitts Wilson

Edmundson Electrical are proud to be working with Pitts Wilson, our companies have a long and good standing history of business together

YESSS Electrical is one of the UK’s fastest growing companies after opening 85 branches in just 12 months. We are proud to be working in partnership with Pitts Wilson providing wholesale electrical supplies, service and solutions.

Superlec have been providing top brand electrical equipment to Pitts Wilson for many years

Xamax Clothing are proud to be the sole supplier of PPE and Corporate workwear to Pitts Wilson, supplied through our in house production facilities

Hozizon Platforms gives Pitts Wilson the lift on the Bradford Broadway project for Westfield Shopping Towns

Gripple Ltd., based in Sheffield, supplies Pitts Wilson with an extensive range of ready-to-use suspension kits for a variety of applications, comprising Gripple fastener, length of wire rope and end fixing.