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ECA Apprenticeships - August 28, 2014

A new campaign has been launched by the national apprenticeship service to raise the profile of apprenticeships.

The campaign aims to challenge mis-conceptions, celebrate the amazing things that apprentices do and position apprenticeships as an equal choice to A levels and university, by showcasing the variety and quality they have to offer.

Seven apprentices will use twitter, Instagram, YouTube and blogs, to document their experience of being an apprentice. They will cover how they went about choosing to do an apprenticeship, their sources of inspiration, support and the barriers they faced when considering an apprenticeship, as well as their day to day experiences as an apprentice.

Diane Johnson, ECA skills ambassador commented “apprenticeships offer young people a skill for life. ECA has long been campaigning to protect and raise the “brand” and profile of apprenticeships and to pursued young people and their parents that apprenticeships are a viable and credible route a fulfilling career. This campaign will certainly go someway to putting tem back on the map”.